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F.F. Smith won the first EDA open correspondence tournament (1923-30).

Easter. H.P. Holloway played in the British Championship at Sheffield.

There were no local entries to the Counties Cup and there is little reference in the Draughts Review to any organised draughts in the area for several years, though S.J. Pickering was still submitting problems.


6-10 April. Harry Holloway was at the English Championship in London, losing in the semi-final to Len Claxton of London. 9 entries.


Feb. EDA Correspondence Tourney. S.C Osborne (Kenilworth), F.F. Smith (Birmingham) and J.H. Taylor (Birmingham) played.

Oct. R.T. Ward beat C. Warburton of Leicester for the Midlands Championship.




[From the Birmingham Daily Gazette 12 Jan. 1933]

April. S.C. Osborne was playing in EDA Minor Championship.

17-21 April. F.F. Smith entered the English Championship in Nottingham. Poor entry again.

C.S. Kipping, a nationally recognized chess promoter, recently introduced draughts as one of the school games at Wednesbury Boys' High School, where he was headmaster.


[From Draughts Review May 1933]

Sat 29 April. Friendly match at Birmingham. Birmingham beat Leicester by 14-5 and 7 draws. Birmingham team: J. Alexander, R.T. Ward, E. Odell, S. Hudson, T. Bird, H.P. Holloway, A. Ensor, T. Gilbert, C. Skinner, W.H. Pearson, J. S. Hemming, W.A. Cole, W. Deeley, A. Brindley.

Sat 6 May. Friendly match at Leicester. Leicester lost to Birmingham by 5-10 and 10 draws. Birmingham team: Ward, Alexander, Hudson, Holloway, Smith, Bird, Pearson, Ensor, Skinner, A. Allen, Hemming, Deeley, Cole.

Thurs 10 Aug at Porth, near Pontypridd, Wales. F. F. Smith, British Correspondence Champion, gave a grand simultaneous exhibition against 16 opponents, winning 10, losing one and drawing 5 games in an hour or so.


April. F.F. Smith was at the British Championship.

Sat 28 April at YMCA, Leicester. Leicester played Birmingham. [No details, except that W. H. Sharpe played F. F. Smith on Board 5]


Sat 9 Feb at YMCA, Birmingham. In the return match, Birmingham lost to Leicester for the second time, by 5-7 and 7 draws.

0 R. T. Ward 0 E. Leader 1
0 S. Hudson 1 J. E. Hirst 0
1 F. F. Smith 0 R. Lubbock 1
- T. Bird * J. H. Clarke -
- H. P. Holloway * W. H. Hirst -
2 A. Ensor 0 W. Palmer 0
0 W. H. Pearson 1 J. E. Willday 0
0 R. Coward 0 W. Flude 2
0 C. Skinner 2 W. T. Daykin 0
0 E. Buckley 0 J. Sinclair 2
1 W. H. Waller 1 E. Shelton 0
0 J. Hemming 1 G. Woolman 0
1 W. H. Cole 0 C. Gibbs 1
0 W. A. Taylor 1 S. Stevens 0
5   7   7

* To be adjudicated


Thurs 16 Jan. F.F. Smith completed his Draughts Correspondence World Championship match with John Napier of East Africa, the match having begun on 3 Oct 1933.
Smith won 13-0, 3 draws.

F.F. Smith

[Image from The New Draughts World, Feb 1937]

Mon 27 April. F.F. Smith - four times internationalist for England v Wales - formally opened a "Draughts and Chess Club with Instruction Class combined...in the magnificent premises of the Friend's [sic] Institute founded by the late Richard Cadbury." These were in Moseley Road, Birmingham - "a penny tram from the city".

May. At Key Hill Cafe: West Birmingham DC v Friends' Institute DC.

Nov. At Birmingham. The first ever match between Birmingham and Sheffield was arranged by F. F. Smith. The home side won by 10-6 and 8 draws.

Sat 12 Dec. at Sheffield. In the return match, on their first visit to the city, Birmingham lost by 6-9 and 6 draws.

0 F. Bucklow 1 F. F. Smith 0
0 G. H. England 0 T. Bird 1
0 A. Cutts 1 S. Hudson 1
0 H. Kent 1 A. Enser 1
1 A. H. Jackson 0 W. H. Waller 1
2 H. Ward 0 W. Cooper 0
1 J. Brind 0 R. Coward 0
0 W. Johns 1 H. Biggs 1
0 H. W. Cavill 0 G. T. Jones 1
2 Geo Whiting 0 A. Worrall 0
1 J. J. Stringer 0 W. Wilkinson 0
0 E. W. Ellis 2 C. Kimberley 0
2 E. Haydock 0 N. Langford 0
9   6   6


March. H.P. Holloway was at the English Championship in Bolton. He lost in the semi-final to Sammy Cohen. 16 entries.

Birmingham beat Sheffield by 9-6.

E.W. Ransome of Nottingham suggested that a tournament to decide the Midlands Championship be organised.

Dec. The Birmingham Daily Gazette reported that the smoke-room of the Cobden Hotel in Corporation Street "during the 40 or 50 years of its existence has been the selected rendezvous not only of chess players, but of draughts enthusiasts."


1938 British championship. Holloway 4th??

June. At the Terminus Cafe, Shoreditch. London vs Provincials. The visiting team included mainly Birmingham players - R.T. Ward, F.F. Smith, Tom Bird, S.J. Pickering, W.H. Pearson (making a come-back), Arthur Ensor, W.H. Waller(for London), W.H. Cole. (13 a side). London won by 12-7 and 7 draws. For the first time in club matches the three-move restriction was adopted "to keep pace with America."


Aug. At Wellingborough. The Rest lost to Birmingham by 6-8 and 1 draw. Birmingham team: R.T. Ward, F.F. Smith, Tom Bird, W.H. Pearson, W.H. Cooper, W.H. Cole, plus 2 "foreigners".

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